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bobo_glove focuses on babies, mothers to be and those who want to share, view or purchase pictures of family and friends online. The site is free to use. Simply upload your child’s photos and create your own free baby website for images with personalized security options. Mom’s can journal via blog entries on the baby’s site. Create photo albums. Friends can subscribe via RSS feed. Free photo storage and sharing, free baby journal service, free coupons, and video sharing coming soon.

Gorgeous, Affordable Diaper Tote

The it-couldn’t-be-a-diaper bag shape, the way it switches to a stroller bag. Unclip, and STUDIO converts back into a tote that will look chic well past babyhood. The eco-friendly, PVC-free materials and -- wow --

14 pockets to keep all those binkies and bottles contained. The pockets are lined with Agion antibacterial technology to minimize germs. STUDIO diaper tote is stylish enough to pair with a little black dress, but practical enough to keep you and baby stocked for a long day at the playground. Two insulated side pockets hold baby’s bottles, food and sippy cups, fresh and in-reach.

Price: $89

Stay With Me Socks

These socks are adjustable. Small Velcro straps on the back of each sock enable them to have a snug fit either around the back or around the front of baby’s ankle. Made of cotton, nylon, spandex and rubber, they are soft and machine washable. Socks come with skid-proof grips on the bottom. Best of all, the straps can be looped together for easy washing. Different colors and sizes available.

Price: $5.99 / pair

The Bobo Glove And Book

by Raquel Jaramillo

(Workman Publishing, 2009)

The glove, made for an adult hand, is full of activities for baby. Each finger has something to pull, tug or chew on. There is a soft teething ring, a rattle, a honker, Velcro mirror, and a tiny bobo baby book for you to read to your baby. Great item to tuck in a diaper bag - pull out for easy entertainment. Glove is washable.

Price: $18.95

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