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Making Reading a Part of Summer Fun

Finding a book you just can’t put down is a great way to beat the summer heat, but how do you get Junior to see that reading is way more interesting than watching TV or playing a video game? One way is to get Junior involved in a summer reading program. There are many programs out there; some are sponsored by bookstores, some by our local libraries, and not only do most promise some type of reward at the end, they often include fun activities. Parents can also tap into program resources for helpful hints and guidelines on how to encourage Junior to read books that are age-appropriate. Local summer reading programs worth checking out include: Barnes & Noble (BN.com); Kern Reading Association (http://www.kernreadingassociation.org); and the Kern County Library.

Here are a few titles to get you and Junior started on a fun summer of reading:

INFANT TO Preschool:

Go! Go! BoBo: Colors, and Go! Go! BoBo: Shapes, by Simon Basher, (Kingfisher, 2011), $6.99. Babies and toddlers will squeal with delight with each turn of the page reveals a vibrant color and shape. Shiny presents, buttons, stars and hearts invite the touch of little hands in the Shapes board book, while the Colors book comes alive with yellow ducks, blue butterflies and red fire trucks.

AGES 9-12:

Storyteller Anthony Horowitz brings two new books in his series of myths and legends to young readers in a way that packs action, adventure, and wit with bold, graphic illustrations. Myths and legends from around the world are retold in Horowitz’s modern voice which brings ancient tales to life in a way today’s young readers will enjoy.

Legends: Heroes and Villains, by Anthony Horowitz, (Kingfisher, 2011), $9.99. Centering on the age-old struggle between good and evil, this collection features epic adventures ranging from Polyphemus and the Cyclops to Gawain and the Green Knight. The stories are about clashes between fierce opponents who fight (usually to the death) using strength, wit and cunning.

Legends: Death and the Underworld, by Anthony Horowitz, (Kingfisher, 2011), $9.99. A lot has been written about how heroes have cheated death and what happens after villains succumb to the lure of the underworld. In this retelling of classic legends and myths, Horowitz gives a modern view of what happens when the conflicted souls of the dead make their way into the underworld. Some legends tell tale about souls encountering a three-headed dog; others tell stories of bubbling swamps and utter darkness. From Greek myths to Viking legends, this book is packed with fascinating stories of many brave mortals who cheat death and live to tell the tale.

Other books in the Legends series include Legends: Beasts and Monsters and Legends: Battles and Quests.

AGES 7-10:

Brain Busters, (Kingfisher, 2011), $5.99. Keep young minds pumping this summer by exercising kids’ brain muscle with this fun book. Over 100 puzzles guaranteed to boost brainpower are featured. Mind-stretching challenges include memory tests, picture puzzles and work riddles kids can work through by themselves, or by playing against the clock with some friends. Sure to provide hours of entertainment that will also boost the grey cells!

AGES 12 and UP:

Basher: Human Body: A Book with Guts! by Dan Green, (Kingfisher, 2011), $14.99. Readers will find topics in this book are close to their heart (and liver and lungs, for that matter) as they go inside their insides to find out just what makes them tick. From DNA, Cell and Protein to Bones, Muscles and Organs, kids will find their body crowded with a host of energetic characters that have a personality all their own. Cool illustrations keep readers interested and a colorful poster of the circulatory system is included in the book.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad’s…here’s a book just for you

The Apostle, by Brad Thor, (Atria Books, 2009), $26.99. Covert counterterrorist operative Scot Harvath wasn’t sure he still had a job when the new administration in Washington, DC took office. But when the daughter of the new president’s biggest supporter was kidnapped in Afghanistan, there was no question as to who needed to head the rescue team. Seeming to come straight from today’s headlines, this book brims with action and intrigue as Harvath navigates through a maze of subterfuge and al-Qaeda plots in his efforts to complete the mission.

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