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One day driving home...

One day driving home from school, my then second grade daughter, taught me a precious lesson of "never assume."

As usual, on our drive home we talk about how our day went.

She started her usual tale about morning recess and lunch. Excitedly she said, "mom we learned all kinda stuff about the body today" and continued her story from the day. As we reached the house, she jumped out of the car and ran to me.

She began to jitter and jump around and said "mom, mom, remember I was telling you that we learned about our bodies today, I know where my kidneys are." In complete amazement I stated, "wow, you guys learned that today also?" (Wondering if they started anatomy class in the second grade nowadays?!?!?)

As I continued to be a bit baffled, I asked, "So, where are you kidneys baby??"

She bent down and touched my knees, saying with a big smile, "see these are old knees." And after, touched her knees, "see these are my kid knees." --------

Isn't second grade awesome!!!!

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