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There's nothing quite as humbling as having a major appliance in your home malfunction. You think you know what needs to be done and that you're doing everything you should be doing as a proud and diligent homeowner – changing the batteries on the smoke alarms; replacing the air conditioning filters on a regular basis; re-tiling your pool, fixing broken sprinkler heads. But then something happens, something that reaches far beyond your DIY abilities, and you realize just how clueless you really are.

That's what happened to me last month.

The day looked promising as I woke up early in the morning feeling rested and alert as opposed to my usual lethargic, bleary-eyed morning self. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the dogs went outside willingly. But all that changed as soon as I turned on my shower. Ice-cold water that should have been at least lukewarm came spraying out. "Well, I'll just tidy up my closet as I wait for the hot water," I thought to myself, whistling merrily as I picked up socks and hung up clothes.

But you can only pick up so many socks, hang up so many clothes, choose so many outfits for the rest of the week, scrub out so many sinks and clean so many toilets before you have to face the fact that no matter how long you let the shower run, there will be no hot water.

If I'd have had a mood ring on it would have turned black.

I splashed my face, dressed and headed out to the garage to look at the water heater. Water covered the floor of the garage.

If I'd have had a mood ring on it would have heated up.

OK. Turn off the water, turn off the gas - I remembered reading in one of my Family Handyman magazines this is what you do. The article made it seem so easy, like you go out to the water heater, turn a knob and voila! the water heater is contained and your family is safe.

Not in my world. Apparently I am not of the usual caliber of "family handymen" reading this publication or else I have a water heater that is waaayy different from everyone else's because there was more than one knob on my water heater. Which knob(s) do I turn? What if I turn the wrong knob? Will life as I know it come to an end? Feeling an enormous amount of stress (and like I'd been lead astray by the men who write Family Handyman – they must be men because a woman would have at least mentioned that there may be more than one knob), I did what any self-respecting, self-proclaimed DIY diva would do; I called my daddy.

Dad was slightly more knowledgeable than I because he managed to attach a hose and get the water pumping out, but after what could have been described as "The Beverly Hillbillies Try to Fix a Water Heater," I called a plumber.

Two days and one brand-new water heater later, I had hot water. Sure it cost an arm and a leg, but I was happy. Life was good.

Funny how life can change in just one moment. As I was dancing through the house kicking up my heels, I noticed water seeping out of my washing machine.

If I'd have had a mood ring, it would have exploded.

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CSV WIC mar20
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