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6 local favorites to get the scoop on icecream

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!! July is National Ice Cream Month and a chance for you to celebrate this refreshing, delightfully yummy frozen treat. KCFM set out to find the best places in town that not only scoop up the best ice cream but also provide an outdoor patio dining experience. After all, it’s a perfect summer combination - ice cream and the beautiful outdoors!!! Here are six local favorites: Rosemary’s Family Creamery, Dewar’s, Hungry Hunter Steakhouse, Moo Creamery, Cold Stone Creamery and California Pizza Kitchen.

• Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery believes that every day is a great day for ice cream. In an effort to serve up the ultimate indulgence, Cold Stone offers premium ice cream with a variety of mix-ins to pies, cakes, cupcakes, and much more. Started in 1988 as a “mom-and-pop,” Cold Stone has grown to more than 1,400 locations nationwide. Local owners, Jerry and Charlene Stueve, take pride in their ultimate ice cream experience with three locations in Bakersfield.

Cold Stone is known for its frozen granite stone where employees mix all kinds of cookies, candy bars, brownies and more, into ice cream without risk of it melting. Jerry Stueve says their top ice cream flavors are chocolate, vanilla, sweet cream, and cake batter. To enjoy the outdoors, Cold Stone’s patio with umbrellas for shade makes the perfect place where customers can enjoy their ice cream creations.

Featured Dessert: Founder’s Favorite

Founder’s Favorite starts with a generous scoop of Sweet Cream ice cream placed on the frozen granite stone with pecans, brownies, fudge and caramel mixed into it as you watch. You can take this treat to go in a paper bowl or handmade waffle cone dipped in chocolate. With one bite, you’ll know why this one is the favorite of Cold Stone’s founder.

9160 Rosedale Highway, Suite 300, 588-5707 • 9000 MingAvenue, Suite H-2, 664-4950 • 2625 Mt. Vernon, Suite 104, 871-6402 • www.coldstonecreamery.com • Dessert:  Founder’s Favorite • Owner: Jerry Stueve

• Hungry Hunter Steakhouse

Hungry Hunter Steakhouse began a tradition of excellence when it opened its doors in 1992 under the direction of local entrepreneur, Kevin Lawless and quickly became a local favorite. Best known as a steakhouse, Hungry Hunter boasts the prime rib best in town. Slow roasted for 21 hours, their prime rib is served seven days a week and can be enjoyed on their patio with a canopy of trees giving it shade and ambience. Hungry Hunter also has its share of decadent ice cream desserts and unique cheesecakes. In fact, Manager Bobette McClellan says some of her customers eat their dessert first just to make sure they have room for it. She says the number one goal of Hungry Hunter is to have their customers enjoy a great meal at a great value and experience excellent service.

Featured Dessert: Mountain High Mudd Pie

Mountain High Mudd Pie starts with an oreo cookie crumb crust, filled with two layers of ice cream - one cookies and cream and one pralines and cream, topped with whipped cream, then generously drizzled with their own unique mocha hot fudge, and topped with candied almond slivers. This Mudd Pie is sure to bring a smile to your face.

3580 Rosedale Highway, 328-0580, • www.hungryhuntersteakhouse.com • Dessert:  Mountain High Mudd Pie • Server:  April Cheshier

• California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) opened its doors locally in 2005 to much fanfare. Known for its authentic California-style cuisine and hearth-baked pizzas, CPK offers creative salads, distinctive pastas, soups, sandwiches, and appetizers. CPK has partnered with the famous ice cream company, Haagen Dazs so all their desserts, including Apple Crisp, Red Velvet Cake, and Tiramisu, can be ordered ‘a la Haagen Dazs.

CPK also offers Kid Tours and Kid Parties where their guests learn the history of pizza while participating in a play and making their own pizzas. The Kid Tours are free to non-profit organizations and the Kid Parties are $10 per guest. These tours are held inside the restaurant or on the outdoor patio. CPK’s patio is unique and available year round using heaters, fans, and misters. The patio overlooks an exquisite courtyard fountain complete with rose bushes and park benches.

Featured Dessert: Butter Cake

Butter Cake is a new addition to the CPK menu and has been a sensational hit! This nice, fluffy cake has a sugar-coated bottom and is served warm with a generous scoop of Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream on top, accented with tufts of fresh whipped cream – a perfect way to top off a delicious meal.

10150 Stockdale Highway, 664-4603 • Dessert: Butter Cake ‘a la Haagen Dazs • Server: Noah Clement

• Dewar’s Soda Fountain and Fine Candies

Dewar’s has been producing delightful confections and creamy iced wonders for more than 100 years. Since its establishment in 1909, the Dewar family has continued making treats daily from recipes handed down from James and Lena Dewar. With two locations, downtown and Riverlakes, Dewar’s is best known for its fine candies, peanut butter taffy chews, homemade ice cream, which is also available in low-fat ice milk, and its whipped marshmallow topping. Rosie Lopez, Dewar’s Downtown location manager, says their best selling ice cream creations are George’s Special, a shake named after the founder’s grandson, and their Black and White Sundae. At its downtown location, you can even sign up a group of 10 or more to tour the Dewar’s Candy and Creamery Factory to watch master confectioners create their taffy chews and creamy ice creams. And, at the Riverlakes location, you can celebrate your special occasion with an outdoor patio party.

Featured Dessert: Banana Split

Dewar’s Banana Split features three scoops of ice cream, with one of each of the following flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Top the vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, the strawberry ice cream with strawberry topping, and the chocolate ice cream with marshmallow and nuts. There is nothing “traditional” about this banana split.

Downtown, 1120 Eye Street, 322-0933 • Riverlakes, 9530 Hageman Road #K, 587-2056 • www.dewarscandy.com • Dessert:  Banana Split • Server:  Herlinda Alcala

• Moo Creamery

Moo Creamery provides Bakersfield with high-quality gourmet burgers, fresh homemade organic ice cream, and made-from-scratch pastries in a family-friendly atmosphere. The dream of Jessica Pounds and Richard Yoshimura, Moo Creamery opened two and a half years ago to rave reviews, a loyal customer following, and many unique creations including an Elvis Shake, a Guinness Float, and a S’more Sundae. Moo Creamery also has an extensive outdoor patio to accommodate large groups.

Moo Creamery strives to intertwine small town values and community spirit with its 3rd Annual People’s Flavor Awards where customers get the chance to create their next ice cream creation. Past winners include Jalapeno Cream Cheese Ice Cream and Blueberry Pie Ice Cream. Join them on Sunday, July 10 from 5-8 p.m. for their new flavor unveiling and all-you-can-eat ice cream.

Featured Dessert: Bacon Sundae (yes, bacon!)

This one-of-a-kind Bacon Sundae starts with two scoops of brown sugar ice cream, drizzled with butterscotch sauce, add whipped cream, and top with candied bacon. After eating this sundae, you will never think of bacon the same way again… it’s surprisingly and fantastically delicious!

4885 Truxtun Avenue, Suite B, 861-1130 • Moo Too, 1660 Pine Street, 861-0805 • www.moocreamery.com • Dessert: Bacon Sundae • Server: Brittany Baker

• Rosemary’s Family Creamery

Rosemary’s Family Creamery has been keeping Bakersfield sweet since 1984 when owners Frank and Rosemary DeMarco opened for business. Now managed by their daughters, Roseanne Brandon and Katie Tate, and their grandson, Patrick Brandon, Rosemary’s continues to serve up some of the most scrumptious ice cream creations in town with old-fashioned style. Well-known for their irresistibly tasty caramel sauce, Rosemary’s menu also features several homemade treats named after family members and long-time employees such as Karen’s Black and White, Matt’s Hawaiian Sundae, or Daddy Frank’s Banana Special.

Roseanne says the outdoor patio dining fills up, especially at night, with all kinds of people who want to enjoy eating outdoors after it has cooled down. She says a lot of people even bring their dogs to keep them company while they enjoy their ice cream.

Featured Dessert: Liz’s Turtle

Named after Roseanne’s daughter, Elizabeth, this unique dish emulates a Turtle Candy with a generous scoop of Vanilla ice cream rolled in Pecans, served on a bed of thick, homemade chocolate sauce, drizzled with their famous caramel sauce, and topped off with whipped cream and a cherry. Scrumptilicious!!!!

2733 F Street; 395-0555 • Dessert: Liz’s Turtle • Server: Spencer Jones

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