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Just Organize Yourself for Christmas, in July!

Get a head start on Christmas by tackling five holiday tasks now!

1. Get It Together! Create a Christmas Binder to keep your gift lists, menus, projects, and holiday traditions in one place. If you don’t want to make up your own, just Google “Printable Christmas Binder” and choose your favorite version to print!

2. Pre-Season Greetings!
Start your Christmas Letter early by summarizing the year so far; gather photos that highlight your exciting events. Be sure to update your Christmas card address list during the year.

3. DIY Christmas! Finish your homemade gifts now to avoid the December time crunch. Ornaments, Personalized Calendars or Holiday Decorations are just a few examples of gifts that could be made in advance.

4. Stock Up! Take advantage of the Back to School sales and stock up on school supplies for stocking stuffers or gift wrapping needs.

5. Stash Some Cash! Start saving a bit of money each week to avoid holiday debt & discouragement!

For more organizing ideas check out Joy’s blog at justorganizeyourself.blogspot.com

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