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S.M.A.R.T. Back-to-School Shopping

School supply lists seem to get longer each year, and when you have more than one child to shop for, it can really add up.

When you’re ready to stock up on backpacks, notebooks and an endless supply of pens, use these tips to help you be a smart back-to-school shopper:

S - Streamline your shopping.
Instead of driving all over town to get what you need, get as much as you can at one-stop-shops such as Office Depot. Picking up school supplies and classroom supplies – such as tissues, disinfectant wipes, etc. – saves you time and hassle.

M - Make a list. Work with your child to craft your shopping list before hitting the stores.

A - Ads and alerts. Pay attention to weekly ad inserts in your local newspaper. Combining sale prices with coupons saves you even more. You can also sign up for special deal alerts through retailers’ websites and Facebook pages.

R - Rewards and rebates. Many retailers have rewards programs that let you in on extra savings. Some retailers also have programs that help you earn school supplies for your school.

T - Technology tips. If your child will be doing online research for homework, put some parental controls in place to protect your child – check out Google SafeSearch, AOL Parent Controls or ATT Smart Controls, or with your Internet provider. You can see user and professional reviews of parental control software at www.consumersearch.com.

To get the latest in back-to-school savings, visit www.officedepot.com.

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