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The Life Skills Institute gives solutions for families. This conversational script helps change behavior with dialogues.

Counselor to teen: "So you want to stay out after curfew sometimes?"

Teen: "Yup, but if I ask my mom she says, „go ask your dad. If I ask Dad he says, „see what your mom says. If they don't agree, I can't do it at all."

C: "So your parents each have a different way of hearing what you say. When each doesn't HEAR the kind of language they listen for, they say no."

T: "Right"

C: "What if I give you a 2-step plan for talking to your parents so they each HEAR what you are saying to them?"

T: "Is it a trick? They always see through those."

C: "No, it's a way to understand what language each of your parents needs to HEAR when they are listening to you. Each of them needs certain information in order to have you speak their language. Most TRADITIONAL dads like to hear DETAILS of what you are going to do. Most TRADITIONAL moms like to hear FEELING WORDS about your evening and your date. Some parents are the opposite; they are NON-TRADITIONAL."

T: "Give me the steps. What have I got to lose?"

C: "Give DAD details, like: „I will leave at 7pm, go bowling at Westchester until 8:30, then go to a movie at Edwards until 11. We want to eat at Harry's across town on Oswell so it will take us longer. Her curfew is 12:30 so I will be home by 12:45. I will call if it takes longer."

T: "Yah."

C: "Tell MOM the feeling words: „My date is very shy and pretty and I like her a lot. Her parents don't know how to trust me so I will be sure to call you throughout the evening. Do you think I should call them too?" I bet you'll have better luck with this type of conversation!"


4600 Stockdale Hwy.  |  395-0225

Our preschool is founded on Christian values and sponsored by First United Methodist Church. Our program is designed to enable children ages 2 years, seven months to 6 years old develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills according to each child's developmental needs. We also offer reasonable rates.


8302 Espresso Dr., Ste. 120  |  589-4288

My Gym has created an extraordinary program and facility , devised to help children three months to thirteen years of age develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. Our structured, age-appropriate weekly classes incorporate music, dance, puppets, relays, games, special rides, gymnastics, sports and other original activities. My Gym kids have so much fun as they gain strength, balance, coordination, fine and gross motor proficiency, agility, flexibility and social skills. The most important benefit we offer, however, is the building of confidence and self-esteem. A child who feels good about himself/herself has a jump-start on the path to becoming a healthy, well-adjusted young adult.


Penelope S. Suter, O.D.  |  5300 Lennox Ave., Ste. 101    869-2910

August is National Children's Vision and Learning Month. Seeing 20/20 is important, but having good vision is much more than that. Vision involves using the two eyes together to quickly and efficiently gather information, as well as understand, remember, and use that information. Some people have 20/20 sight, but suffer from tracking, coordination, and focusing problems, or visual perception, memory, or integration problems that limit their ability to gather and efficiently process visual information in the classroom, for sports, or for general life activities.

Students with vision problems may experience:

Frustration. "It takes so long to get my homework done. I hate having to reread, erase, and study extra hard. I want some play-time."

Anger. "I hate having teachers tell me I don't try hard enough. I‟m doing my best."

Fatigue. Many students are frowned upon for being lazy and making up excuses of headaches, but the fatigue and headaches are real.

Low Self Esteem. Being at the bottom of the class, creates low self esteem. These students withdraw and do not want to volunteer to participate in group activities.

Becoming the Class Clown. Students avoid work by acting out to get attention.

Quitting Sports. Dropping out of sports they love, without realizing that poor visual skills keep them from catching, throwing, kicking, or batting well.

Vision is learned and, like any skill, can be improved through individualized vision therapy by a developmental optometrist.


9000 Ming Ave.  |  664-7366

Color Me Mine wants to be your "Partner in Education" this year!

Color Me Mine, the "Paint-It-Yourself" Ceramics Studio, has been partnering with local schools to help raise funds since 2004. Tile Wall Fundraisers produce a work of art for the school created by the students and their families that will last for generations. Other fundraising programs include classroom auction projects, Color Me Mine Gift Card sales, and "Paint for Profit" events. Color Me Mine staff members can come to your school for these events or the events can be held in their studio.

New this year, Color Me Mine now offers educators and librarians incentive and award coupons, bookmarks and certificates, all free of charge.

Color Me Mine also provides art enrichment, including after-school programs, holiday projects and reward painting events. These can be done as a fieldtrip to their studio, or can be held at your location. Call Kathy Hunt for more information.


5381 Truxtun Ave.  |  665-8228

Harmony Road Music School offers group piano classes for children from tots to teens. Music & movement classes are for little ones age 16m-4's and include

movement, singing, playing with rhythm instruments, finger games, rocking/cuddling songs, activities with balls, scarves, and hoops, and keyboard introduction.

Group piano classes start at age 5 and feature solfege, ear training, note reading, rhythm and keyboard ensembles, and eventually composing and improvisation. Recitals are twice yearly. A parent participates in all classes. Advanced students have the opportunity to participate in various adjudicated events such as Certificate of Merit, Jazz/Pop Festival, and much more!

Bring your child to our FREE Demonstration Class, where you will participate in an actual Harmony Road lesson. View the curriculum and receive our new Fall class schedule. New classes begin September 12. Enroll online or call us today.


8800 Harris Rd.  |  665-1200  |  License #s: 153808662, 153808663, 153808664

At Little Explorers Preschool Academy we care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years in a fun, loving environment with a focus on hands-on learning. We also follow an academic approach to ensure Kindergarten readiness. All of our staff is well qualified and are wonderful with children. We provide children a nutritious and balanced menu prepared here on our campus. Our center and classrooms are very large and set up for your child's learning experience.

We offer competitive and flexible rates and are open Monday through Friday from 6am to 6pm.

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