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Back-to-School shouldn't mean back-to-chasing-papers!

Just Organize Your Paperwork!

At one time, I had several children coming home from school at one time! At exactly 2:50, I was bombarded with papers to read, slips to sign, homework to help with, and artwork to ooooo and aaaah over. Many times, fliers would get trashed and important information would be lost. I desperately needed a system to deal with the important papers that came home from school!

Here’s what works:

Purchase some file folders and a file organizer (like the one pictured).  Label a folder for each child.   Keep fliers, handouts, field trip info, even shot records in the appropriate folder. When children come home from school, have them empty their backpacks and place paperwork near your calendar.  Only then after-school-crazies are over should you deal with the paperwork. Dealing means do what you need to do with the paper:  read it, fill it out, write info on the calendar, or add an item to the grocery list. Then, if it needs to be saved, file it in the appropriate folder, if not - toss it!

As you practice this method, you will be forming a habit that will help you avoid overlooking due dates, missing activities, forgetting commitments, and constantly searching for lost information! Setting up a system for paperwork is essential for back- to-school success.

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