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Better Back to School Lunches and Munches

Making sure kids get balanced and nutritious school lunches and after-school snacks doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be fun.

Turkey and Apple Roll-ups

Servings: 1

1-2     tablespoons cream cheese, low-fat

1       96% fat free tortilla (8 inch)

2       slices Boar's Head Maple Glazed Honey Coat™ Turkey Breast

1/4     cup fresh baby spinach

1/2     medium-sized apple, cut into thin strips

Here are some simple tips from Boar's Head for lunches and munches kids will love:

● If your child leaves most of his or her sandwich behind, use cookie cutters to create a favorite shape such as an airplane, car, star or heart. The fun shape might encourage your child to finish the entire sandwich.

● A colorful selection of food and different texture adds appeal – carrot sticks and green grapes for color, whole wheat pretzels and crackers for crunch.

● Children love the do-it-yourself aspect of building their own pizza or making their own cracker stack. You can make the experience fun and healthier by cubing deli meats and cheeses and putting them in a bag along with some low-salt crackers.

For a quick and tasty lunch, try these easy Turkey and Apple Roll-ups. Visit www.boarshead.com for more kid-friendly lunch and snack ideas like these.

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