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Just Organize Your BRAIN!

We pack so many things into our brains, no wonder we lock our keys in the car or forget to pick up our kids from school on early-out day. I usually blame my “brain-freezes” on my four boys, but I really should learn to take responsibility for my own absent-mindedness.

There IS a way to keep it all together.  By creating a Household Binder, you can unleash the odds and ends running around in your brain onto paper and ease the pressure.

A Household Binder is a planner for your home and family. It holds schedules, projects, and plans; replacing all the little notes and to-do lists that get stuffed into purses or lost under car seats. It should include sections such as to-do’s, menu, budget, medical info, and phone numbers.

As you work to customize your planner and USE it, it will help lighten your brain overload, alleviate stress, and keep you focused on achieving that organized peace you’ve always wanted.

— Joy,

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