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The Great California Shake Out


The Bakersfield FIRE Department would like to invite the members of our community to participate in the largest earthquake drill in the history of the State of California. At 10:20 a.m. on October 20, 2011, millions of Californians will “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” in The Great California Shakeout.

Major earthquakes may happen anywhere you work, live, or travel. The Shakeout is our chance to practice how to protect ourselves and for everyone to become prepared. The goal is to prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes.

Why is a “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” drill important? As with anything, to act quickly, you must practice often. You may only have seconds to protect yourself in an earthquake before strong shaking knocks you down or something falls on you.

More than 7.9 million Californians participated in the 2010 Shakeout statewide. The Great California Shakeout will be held on the third Thursday of October each year. Everyone can participate. Individuals, families, businesses, schools, government agencies, and organizations are all invited to register.

How to Participate

1. Plan Your Drill

2. Get Prepared for an Earthquake

3. Share the Shakeout

Register today at shakeout.org

Great California Shakeout will be held on the third Thursday of October each year.

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