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Spooktacular Halloween Fun for Pets

Devilishly Cute Dress-Up

Halloween is a great opportunity to include the whole family in festivities, including your pet. According to a recent PetSmart survey, 17 percent of pet parents plan to dress up their pets this year.

As the Halloween season approaches, learn how to dress your pet for trick or treating success, and think about what activities are best for your pet.  

Before you go shopping for your pet’s costume, consider these dress-up tips to help you find the perfect pet attire for Halloween.

Top Trends: Some pet parents like to outfit their pets in the same looks that are popular among adults and kids. This year, pets’ costumes run the gamut, whether you’re looking for vampires, witches or other whimsical costumes like a unicorn.

Martha Stewart Pets Costumes: Combining style and quality, Martha Stewart Pets, a line exclusive to PetSmart, has new costumes this year including: an enchanting dragon, Dracula, a devilishly cute pumpkin and the classic witch costume. 

Cool Cats: Cats can join in the Halloween fun with adorable character hats, like the jester, princess and tiger. 

Halloween Favorites: Pet parents can also consider timeless looks that never go out of style such as the bumblebee, bat, cheerleader, cow, football and pumpkin.

Halloween Safety TIPS FOR FIDO

Check out these safety tips to make Halloween a real treat for pets.  

Entertaining at Home: Is your dog easily spooked? Even the friendliest pet may be alarmed to find a ghost or witch at the front door. Pet parents can help eliminate unwelcome surprises by establishing a safe, pets-only room in the house. This may also provide some comfort to those trick or treaters who are uncomfortable around pets.

“Before having pets join in the Halloween festivities, it’s important to assess whether your pet will be comfortable participating or if the festivities may cause your pet undue stress,” says Dr. Robyn Jaynes, DVM, Pet Care Expert at PetSmart. “If you have a young or senior pet or one that is shy around others, it’s better to give them a quiet space away from all the activity or host a small family celebration, where they’ll feel more comfortable.”

Pet Friendly Treats: Chocolate is particularly tempting for pets, but it can make them seriously ill. Pet parents should keep all Halloween candy out of pets’ reach. Pet parents can choose a treat that will help their pet celebrate Halloween and have health benefits, such as Greenies Dental Chews, which help keep dogs’ and cats’ teeth clean and breath fresh. 

Safety First: Is your pet ready to step out on the street? Reflective leashes, collars and ID tags with flashing lights are essential accessories to any pet Halloween costume. Pets should also have proper identification that includes their pet parent’s contact information. Finally, make sure that an adult is holding the leash, and that the pet is at ease around strangers and crowds.  

Enter Fido or Fluffy in the “Show us your healthy pet smile” contest. Visit

Halloween Pet Costume Parade at PetSmart on Oct 22.

Check local store for details.

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