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A Wheely Good Time

October is National Roller Skating Month (started in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan)and the instructors and rink members of the Roller Skating Association International (RSA) remind families that safe fitness and fun activities are right around the corner at the local roller skating center.

There is nothing safer for inline and roller sports than an indoor or outdoor skating center or roller rink. There are less safety conditions to consider, no vehicles or pedestrians to dodge, refreshments are readily available and the skating surface in a good facility is usually kept very clean. Even when a rink is very busy, the traffic flow is controlled and there are usually carpeted areas where you can try walking in your inline skates, if you are a beginner.

Roller skating centers usually have equipment shops, rental services, skating instructors, classes, teams or clubs for one or several of the roller sports disciplines and may offer social skating activities for all ages, too. Each rink is different, so make sure to ask about the services you are looking for at a center. In Kern County, there are three locations in Bakersfield  – Rollerama,  Rollerama West and,  Skateland. Or to find the nearest rink log onto www.rollerskating.org.

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CSV WIC mar20
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