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Annual Rideshare Week October 3-7

Kern Council of Governments (COG) is kicking off its annual Rideshare Week campaign October 3rd through the 7th with the theme “Rideshare 2011—It’s a Total Trip” program.  This program promotes carpooling, mass transit, and other alternatives to driving alone to help ease congestion and improve air quality.  

Susanne Campbell, Kern COG’s Rideshare Coordinator, says “We are asking people to find an alternative means of getting to work or school whether it’s carpooling with coworkers, riding the bus one day, or bringing your lunch to work.  We want to make people feel good, protect our environment, and save them some money all at the same time.  And, participants are eligible to win prizes by accessing the Rideshare Week pledge card online.” 

To help commuters get involved, Kern COG offers a variety of tools for employers and drivers at www.commutekern.org.

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