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Who Let the Dogs (and Other Creatures) Out?

Submitted for your approval:  A typical mom is getting her children ready for school.  The day starts out just like any other Monday; lunches are packed, breakfast is eaten, teeth are brushed.  But today is a special day at school.  It’s Pet Blessing Day or Bring Your Pet to School Day. And as moms walk their children innocently through the gates, they have no idea they are crossing over into the fifth dimension.  It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between chaos and order.  It is an area we call “The Twilight Zone”…(do-do-do, do; do-do-do, do…)

There’s a day every October at my kids’ school that I think would make a great episode of Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone.”  It’s Pet Blessing Day.  And I’m sure parents who have ever had the “pleasure” of loading their cat, dog, guinea pig, rat or other family darling in the car for Show-n-Tell at school, know what I’m talking about when I say it’s one of most unnerving days of the school year.

Sure, the kids love it.  What’s not to love?  They get to bring their pets to school, show them off for a while, get out of doing math or PE, and then Mom or Dad takes the pet home while the kids get to spend the rest of the day saying things like “Did you see how big my dog Fido’s teeth looked when he tried to take a bite out of that cat?” or “My dog’s poop was WAAAAY bigger than your dogs!”  

To say the playground is hectic is putting it mildly.  The range of pets brought in for the blessing is pretty astounding.  Yea, we get the dogs, cats, rodents and birds just like you’d expect, but snakes?  Really?  Can you even bless a snake?  If memory serves me, snakes were condemned for all eternity because of the role they played in the whole Adam/Eve/Garden of Eden/apple thing.  The sights and sounds of the beasts on the field are enough to make you shiver like someone just walked over your grave, but the “exhaust” left on the playground is just plain shocking because all the animals are releasing one form of bodily fluid or another (from one end or the other).  

Pet Blessing Day came early in my house this year.  My dogs had been “skunked” the night before (thank you Jesus!) so they weren’t able to make the trip.  Our cats had been far too traumatized during past Pet Blessing Days for me to even consider taking them.  My neighbor Julie also thought she was getting off pretty easy this Pet Blessing Day.  She was taking her son’s hamster, Yoda.  “No leash, no fighting to get him back in the car; it’s all good!” But the curse of Pet Blessing Day extended to the creatures in the cage that day.  As Julie and her son started to take Yoda forward to be blessed, the bottom release buttons were inadvertently released.  Yoda, his food, the sawdust and the bottom of the cage fell to the ground.  After a few moments of frenzy they were able to save Yoda, but Julie had to be tranquilized (lol).

Yes, Pet Blessing Day has all the makings of a Twilight Zone episode; frenzied animals, panic-stricken parents, and an ordinary day that concludes with a ghoulish twist.  Do-do-do, do; do-do-do, do…

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