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Dr. Norman Levan Receives Philanthropist of the Year Award

Dr. Norman Levan, the Bakersfield dermatologist who donated nearly $14 million to Bakersfield College last March, has been named the Bernard Osher Philanthropist of the Year by the Network of California Community College Foundations.  This award is given annually to honor an individual or organization that has supported the California Community Colleges through philanthropy in significant ways.

In March, 2011, Bakersfield College announced an unprecedented, nearly $14 million gift to the Bakersfield College Foundation. The philanthropist, Dr. Norman Levan, previously donated $5.7 million to the College in 2006. That donation was the largest donation to a California community college on record at that time. When combined, the two gifts increase Dr. Levan’s overall donation to nearly $20 million, $10 million higher than any gift from an individual on record.

“The gifts that Dr. Norman Levan has made to Bakersfield College are extraordinary, truly extraordinary. Donations to community colleges go much further than just the dollar amount given,” said Dr. Greg A. Chamberlain, President of Bakersfield College. “Leading by example, Dr. Levan has heartened potential donors to come forward and invest in their community colleges.”

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