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Looking for a reasonably-priced holiday gift for the kids on your list? Consider giving the gift of reading. Good books are wonderful gifts that will entertain and educate even the youngest readers. Here are a few titles to consider for holiday giving:

Ages newborn-2

Christmas in the Mouse House, by Maggie Kneen (Candlewick Press, 2011), $14.99.  The Mouse house is bursting with activity on Christmas Eve!  But where are the tree ornaments?  Young readers will giggle with delight as they lift flaps on the doors, windows, and cupboards in the Mouse house, helping the Mouse brothers and sisters look for their lost ornaments. 

Ages 3 & up

A House in the Woods, by Inga Moore (Candlewick Press, 2011), $16.99. In this heart-warming tale of friendship, young readers will delight in the story of two little piggies that come home from a walk to find their houses in ruins.  It seems their friends, Bear and Moose, tried to move into the piggies’ homes (which are right next to each other), and both homes came crashing down.  Things don’t look very good for the homeless woodland creatures, until they start looking for a way to build a house all four can share.

The Twelve Days of Christmas, by Jane Ray (Candlewick Press, 2011), $16.99.  Readers will enjoy singing the well-known Christmas carol, as they see the endless succession of gifts arriving in the home of one young woman.  Her true love sends her each gift in the song, and by the time the twelve drummers drumming arrive, her house is bursting at the seams!  Captivating, nostalgic artwork makes each turn of the page a visual delight. 

Ages5 & up

Chanukah Lights, by Michael J. Rosen (Candlewick Press, 2011), $34.99.  This beautiful pop-up gift book is sure to become a family treasure.  Families will enjoy turning the pages together as they follow the Festival of Lights through different places and times.  Striking pop-ups depict each night’s menorah in a different scene, with each scene acting as a window into history that showcases the spirit and resilience of a people in search of home.

And for Mommy...

Creative Abundance by Aliza McCracken Expressing from the heart, Aliza McCracken releases ‘’Dancing Dove 2’’ original art and prints.  “It’s a joy to celebrate the dignity of life.  Regardless of whatever unique challenges you may be facing, as individuals and families with inherent value, this image affirms the special creations all were intended to be.  We hope such an artistic endeavor spreads love, goodness and light throughout our community.’’  —Aliza.  A portion of proceeds benefit Kern County’s Educational programs.  Four of her timeless inspirational coffee-table art and poetry books titled: ‘’Creative Abundance,’’ ‘’ Spirit of Joy,’’ ‘’ Pure Grace,’’ and ‘’The Dance of Love’’ are also available online at www.alizamccracken.com or Russo’s Books at The Marketplace and San Joaquin Community Hospital’s Gift Gallery.

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