With the New Year comes the annual tradition of setting resolutions that will help us become better, more rounded people.  KCFM wanted to find out what people in Kern County were planning on accomplishing this year, so we found a group of happy preschoolers and their parents enjoying a nice winter day playing indoors at My Gym.  Even though it was challenging catching up with this active bunch, we asked:  “What is your New Year’s Resolution?”  Here’s what they had to say!

Brian Teeten, age four, while swinging on the parallel bars, says he really wants to watch the movie Transformers in 2012.  When asked, “Why?” He says, “I really, really, really love that movie!”

Four-year-old Chloe Parker is all smiles as she plays at My Gym. She says this year her number one resolution is “Disneyland!”

Three-year-old Katelyn Lo can’t wait to go exploring this year on her Hot Wheels bike.  “I love to pedal on it.  My brother, Aidan, has a big bike and we can go for rides.”

William Reaney doesn’t waste a minute of his play time at My Gym. And, for his New Year’s he wants to keep up on the fun. “I want to play the horse racing game at Disneyland.” And, he hopes he wins!  His teacher, Sarely Hernandez, says, “I want to try to do everything that I didn’t get to do last year.”

Father of three, Matt Maldonado, an instructor at My Gym, says for 2012 his New Year’s resolution is “to spend more time with my family.”

Kim Teeten, loves bringing her two children, Brian and Audrey, to My Gym classes.  She says her resolve this New Year is “to sleep more and work out some more.”

Sisters Isabel, age four, and Jackie, age two, enjoy their time at My Gym.  For her New Year’s resolution, Isabel says, “I want to ride my bike to the park and play there.”

While playing with her friend Katelyn, Victoria Leyva, age three, says, “I want to go on vacation with my mommy and daddy and Nati to San Diego.  I want to swim and go see the animals.”

Mary Anne Godfrey-Jones, owner of My Gym, poses with one of her students, Brian Teeten, before his Mighty Mights class.  She says, “My New Year’s resolution is to keep everything going that I resolved to do last year.”

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