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Get Ready, Get Set, Get ORGANIZED!

January is GO month! (Get Organized), so let's pull up our big girl pants and get GO-ing.

The first step is to set up “home management space” for you!  It’s important to carve out a spot in your home to call your MomSpace.  In the work place, managers have a cubicle or even a whole office to manage efficiently. Why would you need anything less to manage your home?

The second step is to USE a Calendar.  This is not one of the decorative, cute-sy types that we all have hanging on our kitchen walls. This should be a basic monthly calendar with big squares.  Your calendar will be your appointment planner, meal planner, and sanity saver.  Keep it in your momspace and encourage family members to write their activities in pencil.  Be sure to enforce the “if it’s not on the calendar, it’s not happening “rule, and be sure to LOOK at your calendar often!

The third step is to start each day with mm’s.  Unfortunately I don’t mean those YUMMY chocolate candies!  I’m talking about “minimum maintenance”, which are daily bare minimum tasks to keep your home in order.   The rule is: complete your m&m’s BEFORE you start anything else - before projects, errands or any outside commitments. This way the basics will always get done - even in your busiest times.  Here’s my basic MM list:

• Make Bed

• Start a Load of Laundry

• Wipe Kitchen Counters & Sweep

• Quick Tidy Family Areas

• Empty Dishwasher & Trash

• De-Clutter for 15 minutes

Be sure to include your family!  For example, each of my children do one of these tasks before school and one household task after school.  This not only lightens my load, but encourages working together as a family and  self-discipline.

As you get GO-ing this month, you feel the calm that comes from an organized home. Check out my blog for more organizing tips and tricks:

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