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My husband and I decided to set a new family rule: no texting during any meal, family gatherings or family movie nights. One night we were getting the living room ready for movie night, all three of us pitching in getting the popcorn, drinks and treats. Our 4 year old daughter saw her father stop to text…trying to finish up a conversation with his sister he’d started earlier.  She asked me, “Mommy, can I text Aunt Jenny too?”  I said, “Sure, we haven’t started the movie yet.” So I handed her my phone, ready for texting. As she was typing she was saying out loud, “Aunt Jenny, please go to bed early. Papa and Mommy and I are going to watch a movie and I don’t want to see texting back and forth, back and forth.” Those were her words as she actually typed: “Yhtsdrhurnuinfknrjfnufdnufnuirjrnufosolundjdbjieuinhuinbji.huidnuinuikmjifjirjlrekmiredkokiojiokikfdooi.” We all had a good laugh and were proud that she remembered our new rule.  Aunt Jenny & I both saved that text in our phones!

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Kern Health cancer leaderboard
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