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Barbecued Chicken Wings

Surefire Super Bowl Winners!

Grilling chicken wings is an easy way to feed a crowd on Super Bowl Sunday. How to grill them can be a challenge. The grilling experts at Broil King have some tips to make your life easier when it comes to preparing delicious grilled chicken wings.

When getting started, try to select wings that are about the same size, and no matter how you grill them, make sure wings are arranged in a single layer. This ensures that they cook evenly.

The basic setup is easy, cook them on the grill using a hot indirect technique -- preheat your barbecue to 400o, and turn the burners on one side off. Arrange the wings over the ‘off’ side of the barbecue. Wait 5 minutes, and switch sides --burners, wings, everything -- the key is to keep the wings over the unlit portion of the barbecue, minimizing flare up and the chances the wings will burn. Switching sides on the barbecue will also burn off accumulated drippings without burning the wings.

Another easy way to prepare chicken wings on the barbecue is using a grill wok or basket. You can use the same hot indirect technique to protect the wings from scorching or keep a close eye on them if you are grilling over direct heat. You can even go with the ultimate in low-impact grilling and load your wings into a rotisserie basket -- the turning rotisserie will keep your wings juicy and tender while minimizing flare-up.

Seasoning your wings is a matter of choice -- marinate them ahead of time to impart flavor and moisture, use BBQ sauce, or make your own to add near the end of the cooking process. Sauces those are high in sugar burn easily, so be careful, and only keep them on for a few minutes to finish with the sauce. Typical cooking time is 30-45 minutes; always use an instant read thermometer to verify that your wings are cooked through.

Chicken wing recipes, accessory ideas, and more are available at 

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