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Don't be left on the sidelines!

Join March Madness by using zone defense to clean at home!

In basketball, instead of man-to-man defense, some coaches prefer having their players cover specific areas of the court. This is called Zone Defense. In Home Management, Zone Defense is covering one area of the house at a time. It is an efficient and stress-free way to clean the whole house.

This is how it works:

Divide your home into 5 different zones.

Each week, concentrate on a different zone.

Work daily for 15 minutes in the zone. Start with de-cluttering. As the clutter disappears, the area will become easier to clean. It’s amazing how quickly detailed cleaning can be done in a clutter-free space.

After a full month, you’ll have worked your way around the house. If you missed a spot, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ll catch it next time around.

Here is an example of my Zones:

Zone 1: Entrance/Living Room - 1st few days of month (until Sat)

Zone 2: Family Room - First full week of the month

Zone 3: Kitchen/Pantry- Second week

Zone 4: Bedrooms/Linen Closets - Third week

Zone 5: Bathrooms/Laundry - Last days of month (Mon. to the 1st)

Let’s follow college basketball’s lead and take a shot at our own March Madness. Go Team!

For more tips, visit Just Organize Yourself on facebook or Joy’s blog at

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