Clinica Sierra Vista WIC
On an average day of running errands with my 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son, we were at our last stop. While buckling my 2 year old back into his car seat, his 5 year old sister Emily sat down in her car seat holding a pine cone she’d picked up outside. As I was buckling Emily in after finishing with her brother, I noticed several small bugs inside the pine cone Emily was holding. I told her to get out of the car, throw the pinecone out into the grass and shake her shorts off in case bugs had gotten on them. She went to the grass while I wiped off her car seat. When I turned around, Emily was standing behind me holding her shorts in her hands. I asked her why she’d taken her shorts off and she said “You told me to take them off!” I started laughing and said “No, I told you to SHAKE them off!” I was grateful there was no one around at the time!

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Clinica Sierra Vista WIC
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