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Dear Reader

by Vaun Thygerson
Staff writer and mother of three
I have a sticker on one of my notebooks that reads, “Life is Good!”  It’s such a simple phrase but is easily forgotten as we get bogged down when life’s schedules get too hectic and our daily tasks seem insurmountable.  But, it’s true:  Life is Good!

The store where I bought this sticker also sells all kinds of t-shirts and hats promoting this saying.  Some of the shirts show a beach scene or a man barbecuing with the caption, “Life is Good,” written underneath.  This simplest of sayings creates the most perfect sentiment.

I have my own Life-is-Good scene that I need to figure out how to capture on a piece of apparel.  My screen-print-perfect day happened recently while I was watching my eight-year-old play baseball.  I was at Aera Energy Baseball Park, surrounded by friends, enjoying the perfect, not-too-hot, not-too-cold kind of weather, watching my son score two runs and his younger brother playing with a group of children nearby when I thought:  these easy, ordinary days are truly what make life enjoyable.

Another fun and exciting part of life is planning camps and activities for the not-so-distant lazy days of summer.  Each year, KCFM hosts its FREE Summer Camp & Adventure Fair where you can meet with 30-plus camp directors to find a camp that meets your children’s interests and abilities.  This year, the event sponsored by Mercy and Memorial Hospitals will be held Thursday, April 12, from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Westside Church of Christ on Stockdale Highway.  There will be live bunnies, face painting, raffle prizes, and a photo booth!  It’s going to be a lot of fun, so make sure to mark your calendars – you don’t want to miss it!

As part of our annual camp issue this month, you’ll find KCFM’s Camp Directory starting on page 14 that details a few of the vendors who will participate in our Summer Camp & Adventure Fair.  Also, check out the article, “Eight Tips to Curb Homesickness,” where KCFM asked local moms to give us tips on how to fight homesickness for little campers going to sleep-away camps.  Thanks to all the moms that gave us such wonderful advice on how to make summer camps a success!

In Tracie Grimes’s monthly Humor at Home article, “Commercially Speaking,” she describes how America’s commercials have taken a nosedive to really bad.  She is astounded that advertisements have changed so drastically since her childhood – for the worse.  To find an interesting perspective on commercials, and read about what racy, crazy things are happening on television, turn to page 10.  You’ll get a chuckle and reminisce a little too!

Her monthly book review column, “Reading Difficulties Take a Toll on Kids” on page 24, discusses how frustrating reading can be for a young reader who is struggling.  She encourages parents to seek intervention when these difficulties start to show.  For this month, she recommends “Let’s Have a Tea Party!” by David Martin, “So You Want to Be A Rock Star” by Audrey Vernick, and “Go Out and Play:  Favorite Outdoor Games From KaBoom.”

April gives us sunshine, flowers, endless opportunities, spring break, Easter, and KCFM’s favorite event – Summer Camp & Adventure Fair.  This month, let’s truly celebrate the axiom, “Life is Good!”  

Make sure to stop by and say “Hi” at Camp Fair on April 12th!

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