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Summer Prep: Kids Clutter Check

Avoid summertime chaos by de-cluttering kids rooms ahead of time!

•    Dresser – remove winter clothes & clothes that are outgrown, torn or stained, or never worn.

•    Bedding – If your children have quilts, blankets, stuffed animals and throw pillows, making the bed seems like an impossible task for kids to accomplish daily.  Simplify down to what they use and purge the rest.

•    Closet – Take everything out and sort items into piles -- clothing, books, toys, etc.  Then, go through piles and decide: keep, donate, or toss.  Place the "keep" items in baskets or bins.  You could even box some up and rotate every few months.

With a little advanced preparation for summer, your family can spend less time on housework and more time on fun!

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