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Keep Kids' Reading Skills Sharp This Summer

by Tracie Grimes
Tracie is a monthly contributor to Kern County Family Magazine

Reading. It’s one of the most essential skills your child can possess. And one you can help your child keep up through lazy, hazy days of summer.

Here are some tips for getting your child to unplug and jump into reading:
    • Let him pick out his own books or magazines.  If Junior picks out something himself, he’s going to be a lot more interested in reading it.

    • Encourage your child to start a summer book club of his own with some of his friends.  Have his friends over for snacks and play, then take a few minutes to get the group together to talk about what they’re reading.

    • Keep reading with your child.  Read out loud to him and have him read out loud to you.  Discuss what you’ve read.
Looking for some cool July reads?  Here are some suggestions:


Discover Science:  Animal Homes

by Angela Wilkes (Kingfisher, 2012), $9.99.  Which animal lives in “mobile” homes?  Which prefer cell homes?  Young readers can discover the world of animal homes through this imaginative title which includes projects and activities that will teach Junior about the homes animals choose.

Discover Science:  Light and Sound by Dr. Mike Goldsmith (Kingfisher, 2012), $9.99.  How can light bend?  How does sound travel?  Kids will learn about the world of light and sound by reading this book and doing the fun activities and easy projects included in the back.

Discover Science: Birds by Nicola Davies (Kingfisher, 2012), $9.99.  Did you know there is more than one way to fly and that some birds actually live on the ground?  Read this book with Junior, and you’ll learn all about our feathered friends.  There are even projects at the end of the book you can do together.

Discover Science: Materials by Clive Gifford (Kingfisher, 2012), $9.99.  Kids can learn what the Earth’s crust is made from, how precious gems like diamonds and rubies are formed, and what marbles are made from in this interesting book.  After learning about natural vs. man-made materials, you and the kids can whip up a batch of chocolate crispies from the recipe included in the back.

AGES 5 TO 10

My First Soccer Book by Clive Gifford (Kingfisher, 2012), $12.99.  This information-packed book is a great way to introduce your child to the game of soccer or even help improve their skills and knowledge.  From explaining the rules of the game to shooting and scoring, action photos and lively text will awaken your child’s inner David Beckham.

Dinosaurs Around the World(Kingfisher, 2012), $9.99.  Young readers can lift the flaps to find out everything they ever wanted to know (and probably have asked) about the mightiest creatures to roam the Earth.  They’ll learn how monster meat eaters scoop up a tasty fish; see drawings of teranodons with their bony heads and long crest; and get a glimpse of Jurassic giants like ceratosaurus and brachiosauras.  A great book for the young paleontologist in your life!

AGES 7 TO 10

Life Cycles: Forest by Sean Callery (Kingfisher, 2012), $12.99.  As part of a series that explores some of Earth’s key ecosystems, this book tells the stories of 11 animals living in the forest.  Dramatic photographs and detailed information tell young readers how these creatures live and reproduce.

Life Cycles: River by Sean Callery (Kingfisher, 2012), $12.99.  Otters, great pond snails, mayflies, and river dolphins are just a few of the freshwater animals you can introduce your kids to in this book.  Vivid photos and detailed information describe the life cycles of 11 amazing river animals.


Zero Day by David Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing, 2011), $14.99.  Murder, terrorism, revenge, and nuclear weapons – if the dad in your life enjoys one or all three of these heart-pounding topics in his reads, this book is for him.  Agent John Puller is assigned to investigate mysterious murders in the sleepy, backwoods town of Drake, West Virginia, when he stumbles on something much bigger than murder.  And, someone wants him dead. 

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