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by Vaun Thygerson
Staff writer and mother of three
Dressed all in black complete with witch hats, feather boas, tulle robes, color-streaked hair, and lash extensions, we weren’t the witches from Eastwick.  Rather, we touted ourselves as the four witches from Bakersfield at a recent taping of the Marie Osmond Show.  My girlfriends and I celebrated Halloween early this year at the newly created Hallmark original talk show, ”Marie!”  Our tickets were for her Halloween episode where designers and crafters had transformed her studio into a Halloween wonderland.  Marie hosted the show dressed as Lucille Ball and even had her mannerisms and signature cry down to perfection.

Marie’s guest, Jamie Lee Curtis, who became famous for her scream in the first “Halloween” movie, gave each audience member a copy of her new children’s book, “My Brave Year of Firsts.”  After Jamie, models paraded in Halloween costumes that were not only creative but inexpensive.  My favorite was a mother/son costume:  Mom was a skyscraper and son was King Kong carrying a Barbie doll.  Other guests showed us how to decorate inexpensively for the holiday and offered different kinds of tricks and treats to give our ghouls.  Off-camera, Marie told us that she could show us how to decorate our homes using a lot of money, but she prefers to keep it real, easy, and affordable.  After all, she is a mother of eight.

If you want to find out more about her show, you can visit or even watch the episode I attended that will air on Halloween.  The staff promised everyone in the audience would be on television, so look for me!

The best part of this experience was the chance to dress up and enjoy a girls’ day with my dear friends.  This type of adventure keeps me young, and Tracie Grimes writes this month about trying to do everything in your power to age gracefully.  In her Humor at Home article, “Getting Old:  Not All Fun and Games,” she says she’s trying to stay young, but her kids keep reminding her she’s getting old.  To find out what kinds of crazy, silly escapades she’s talking about, turn to page 14.

For this month’s recommended book reads, in her article, “Flex Those Writing Muscles by Picking Up a Book” on page 16, Tracie Grimes writes about the importance of reading to improve your child’s writing skills.  She says all their reading doesn’t have to be scholarly works, but any kind of books like “Granny’s Clan:  A Tale of Wild Orcas’ by Dr. Sally Hodson, “Nature’s Patchwork Quilt:  Understanding Habitats” by Mary Miche, or “Splendors and Glooms” by Laura Amy Schlitz will help.  And, for mommy, she says, “Ten Beach Road” by Wendy Wax will delight with all the ensuing plot twists.

Another exciting event this month is KCFM announcing its four winning essays about “Why I Want to be a Bakersfield Firefighter.” The winners not only ate lunch with firefighters, but they also participated in a photo cover shoot.  Congratulations to Austin James McTeer, age 12; Chantelle Bradley, age 14; Elle Dwyer, age 7; and Waverly Reifka, age 7.  You can see their smiling faces on our cover celebrating October as National Fire Prevention Month.  Also, a big thank you to the Bakersfield Fire Department, especially to Fire Chief Doug Greener and Deputy Fire Chief Tyler Hartley, for being such big supporters of KCFM!

October is a fabulous month full of frolic and fantasy – a chance to dream and feel young!  Whether you’re a witch from Bakersfield or a clone trooper from Star Wars, enjoy the candy, haunted houses, and carnivals.  In fact, on the 30th and 31st, come find our booth at Kern County Museum’s Safe Halloween event and receive a treat or two!  Have a wizardly, wonderful Halloween!

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