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Youth Writing Contest Winners

Waverly ReifkaAge 7 . Ronald Reagan Elementary School

I want to be a firefighter because it is so fun! First, I want to be a firefighter because I can help people and animals in fires, and I have strength to help shoot out the water to put out the fire. People might be trapped after tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The water hose is very heavy and it will take four people to hold the hose when the water blasts out.

Second, I want to be a firefighter because I have a lot of courage and good ideas to fight fires and rescue people. While the firefighters find people in the fire, the other firefighters put out the fire.

Last, I want to be a firefighter because it is very rewarding that I will be a hero when I can fight fires and rescue people.

Elle Dwyer Age 7 . Van Horn Elementary

I want to be a firefighter because I want to have a firedog and save people. I want to save cats that are stuck in trees. I think that fire girls are so cool. I think to ride in a fire truck would be cool. I can slide down the fire pole. I like to wear big boots. I love fire hats. I want to be a hero. I would like to hold the fire hose. I think going to schools would be fun. Maybe I can visit Van Horn. I like to tell people how to be safe. I know the fire number – 911. Fire girls like to put out fires. They can tell if there is a fire. It is a scary job to put out fires and being brave is hard, but I am brave! It is cool to be brave. I like fire girls. They are very cool.

Austin James McTeerAge 12 . Thompson Junior High School

To: Bakersfield Firefighters

The reason I would like to be a Bakersfield firefighter is because you have a very important job. You are also very good at what you do. It must take a lot of work to become a firefighter, but if you have the skills, you can accomplish anything. I would love to become a hero to save lives, just like you. That is my goal. I think being a firefighter is the most important job that anyone could have. Thank you for all you have done for our city. I really appreciate it. I also would like to become a firefighter because no matter what kind of dire situation someone is in, you will always be there.

Chantelle BradleyAge 14 . Foothill High School

Why do I want to be a firefighter in Bakersfield? There are so many reasons that I can’t name all of them. The first reason is because I can save people that are just as young as me and people who have families that care about them. The second is that I can be remembered for what I do. I also believe that firefighters can change the world and people’s lives. We could show younger kids how to be safe and how to be cautious if an emergency happens. Being a firefighter isn’t just about saving people but how to make friends in your community and having pride and joy in what you are doing. Last but not least, you can have all the comfort of your new friends and family supporting you. That is why I want to be a firefighter.

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