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PG&E Awards Grant for Independent Living Center

The Independent Living Center of Kern County (ILCKC) recently received a grant of $6500 from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to fund a Disaster Preparedness program called “Empowered to Go.” This program will educate people with disabilities and their families, as well as corporate entities who serve those with disabilities, about the unique needs and preparations for the disabled in a disaster.

“This funding is very unique and very exciting,” said Executive Director Jimmie Soto. “For the first time that we know of, disaster preparedness awareness and training will be presented specifically for the needs of those with disabilities.”

The Empowered to Go program will offer:

Six workshops for people with disabilities and their families, facilitated by the Red Cross in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language; bus passes provided for lower income consumers who rely on public transportation.

One workshop for the corporate community who employ or have a clientele that includes people with disabilities; bus passes will be provided for lower income consumers who rely on public transportation.

●200 memory sticks, where crucial personal, identifying and financial documents will be scanned and stored. After recent US disasters, many individuals enrolled in public programs or on public assistance had no means of proving their identification or medical conditions. This component has been established to help people with disabilities be prepared to identify themselves, their property, benefits, etc., in the event of a disaster.

ILCKC will become a “safe place” for up to 20 people in the event of a disaster, and will be equipped with a three day emergency supply.

For more information, call ILCKC at 661-325-1063 or 877-688-2079 toll free.

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