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Dear Reader

by Vaun Thygerson
Staff writer and mother of three
Nothing but net!  Our family recently spent a fun-filled evening watching the towering tall guys of the Bakersfield Jam, an NBA-Development League basketball team, dominate their rivals from Austin, Texas.  With seats just behind the bench, we were close enough to the players to see the beads of sweat on their brows and hear their coach’s upcoming plans during time outs.  Some of these team members have played in the NBA, and I bet if you watch the career of the younger guys, you will see them move up.  

My older son and his two friends actually watched the game, ate lots of popcorn, and tried to out due each other with their cheers and songs.  My younger son was more enamored with the Jam’s loveable mascot, Swish, a wily Fox, than he was with the game.  And, both my boys walked away with Bakersfield JAM t-shirts and autographs from the players and three visiting Los Angeles Clippers cheerleaders.  If you can’t make it to a Jam game, you can always play your own pick-up game with your kids.  What a great activity to usher in Spring!

With warmer temperatures, freshly bloomed flowers, Girl Scout Cookie deliveries, and the promise of sunnier days, Springtime fills the air!  It’s also time to start making plans for the summer.  You can find the perfect camp for your little one at KCFM’s annual Summer Camp and Adventure Fair on Thursday, April 11 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Westside Church of Christ.  With over 30 local Camp directors, you’re sure to find the perfect camp to fit your camper’s individual talents and needs.  

Another fabulous activity to celebrate this new time of year is horseback riding.  Thanks to KCFM’s longtime friend and writer, Lisa Krch, you can read all about the magical memories horses can create in her article, “Horseplay: Pint-sized Pardners!” on page 13.  She writes about her five-year-old son’s first lesson riding a pony.  He loved it so much he wants one of his own.

Winston Churchill once said, “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”  Spending time with horses can teach kids many important life lessons.  In the American Camp Association’s article, “Horse Play:  What Horses Teach Kids About Life,” on page 14, it explores the symbiotic friendships created between campers and horses at these unique summer camps.  

As you start preparing to send your kiddos off to camp, you should read this month’s Humor at Home article, “A Parent’s Survival Guide to Summer Camp Anxiety,” by Laura Reagan-Porras.  She writes about the separation anxiety she felt when she sent her pre-teen daughter off to summer camp.  For tips on how to stave off these unwanted feelings, turn to page 16.  

Don’t worry!  Tracie Grimes will be back to her keyboard next month with a new humorous article that will be sure to have you laughing!

Also this month, Lisa writes an article that all moms need to read to bolster their sanity.  In her article, “Avoiding Mommy Meltdown,” she provides tips on how to cope in those trying times.  To find out how moms can find their happy place, turn to page 10.

For KCFM’s monthly book reviews, we’ve rounded up the newest and coolest American Girl titles for you in the article, “American Girl Book Roundup,” on page 24.  American Girl never fails to deliver books that not only entertain but educate young readers.  

So, get out there and enjoy the newfound sun!  Play an impromptu game of basketball, go horseback riding, or sink your teeth into a Girl Scout cookie from that box of Thin Mints you’ve hidden from your children!  Whatever you do, enjoy this time of rebirth and renewal!  

Happy Spring!!!

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