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When it comes to taking care of a newborn baby, there are countless books, videos, classes, and websites dedicated to educating and coaching new moms on every topic related to babies. There is, however, very little information available for dads. That is about to change with a free DVD just for dads.

Guys know how to use tools around the house, but when a baby comes along, they need a whole new set of tools. Created by father advocate, Ted Hendricks, along with First 5 Kern, the Daddy’s Tool Bag DVD educates new dads, expecting dads, and previously uninvolved dads on how to take care of and bond with their babies, to break down barriers, and to eliminate the mysteries that many men fear as new dads. Important basics are covered such as changing diapers, bathing, the importance of a dad’s role in breastfeeding, and how to soothe a crying baby. Other topics include swaddling, fingernail maintenance, bottles and burping, administering meds, and tips for transporting baby.

To request your free copy of the Daddy’s Tool Bag DVD, contact Sharon Powell at First 5 Kern at or (661) 328-8888.

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