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How many times have the tears, frustration, and irrational behavior of the events of the day led to the perfect storm that is “The Tantrum?” We aren’t talking about your two-year-old’s boisterous show of defiance at the grocery store. We are talking about you. The grown-up. Pushed to that uncomfortable place where you find yourself on the verge of “Mommy Meltdown.”

As most moms will tell you, it’s almost impossible to take a break of any kind with kids in the house. The shopping, cooking, laundry, homework help, and driving duty can easily take its toll on your mental Health. But many agree, a twenty-minute mental vacation could restore perspective and bring you back from the brink.

We asked the experts, local moms with kids of all ages, what they do to avoid their own personal “Mommy Meltdowns” and restore peace and balance to themselves and the family.

Space and Time

A few minutes of separation may do wonders. Depending on the age of your child, you may be able to remove yourself from the room or situation and take some relaxing deep breaths.


Warm and Calm

A nice shower or bath with aromatherapy candles, shower gel, and lotion. Your own private day spa!


Mood Music

Upbeat tunes bring back that happy feeling especially when accompanied by spontaneous dancing.


Move It

Exercise. A quick walk around the block is good for your mental and physical needs. Some moms make the journey alone, others load up the kids in the wagon and make an adventure of it, saying the change of scenery is best for everyone.



Changing your focus, changing your attitude. A few moms we talked with will pay bills, crochet, or keep a book handy to get their minds off the stresses happening all around them. That pile of dishes in the sink will still be there in twenty minutes, right?

It’s OK

Positive self-talk is a technique used to reassure yourself you are doing a good job and everything will be alright. If your children are older, explaining to them why their actions are frustrating to you may also help.


Reach Out

Call a friend or family member. Remembering you have support is key. Send an e-mail or scroll through Twitter or Facebook to reconnect with the adults in your life.


Mini Makeover

Polish your toes, deep-condition your hair, tweeze stray brows, or watch makeup tutorials on YouTube.


Yard Attack

Take your frustrations outside. Pull a few weeds, prune a shrub or two, or plant something pretty. Losing yourself in nature can be very theraputic.



Plan your next family getaway, summer vacation, or movie night.

What will you do with your twenty-minute mental vacation? Enjoy!

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