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Have a Happy Easter

Grow Your Own Basket This Chia Pet-inspired basket project includes seeds soil and basket; thegrowers-exchange.com

A Tisket, A Tasket These cupcake baskets are good enough to eat , give as a gift or set on your dinner table. Recipe and decorating ideas at kerncountyfamily.com/easterfun.

Egg-citing Cookie Pops For a fresh take on Easter treats, these egg-shaped cookie pops will surprise and delight. Easy and delicious, each one is uniquely decorated -an unexpected, but festive way to say “Happy Easter!” Find these recipes at kerncountyfamily.com/easterfun

Celebrate Oh So Tiny Bunny, 3-6 years • Duck & Goose, Here comes the Easter bunny, 2-5 years • Happy Birthday, Bunny!, 2-5 years • www.amazon.com

Plan an Easy Easter Brunch Choose the  ham, egg, and cheese pizza,  the pancake breakfast sandwich, or a good morning granola using simple pantry staples for a weekend breakfast or your special Easter brunch. Recipes at  kerncountyfamily.com/easterbrunch.

Hop To It Easter Brownie Fun Put a new spin on Easter; serve brownies in bunny and egg shapes – an easy way to make a yummy impression. Even Peter Cottontail would be proud to deliver these fudgy treats! Recipes at kerncountyfamily.com/easterfun

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