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February 01, 2018

Go Geometrix

An inspiring exhibit is bringing together the worlds of art and math while boosting opportunities for the success of our students....more»
February 01, 2018

Early Puberty Predicts Depression

It is well established that girls who mature earlier than their peers face an increased risk of developing depression and antisocial behaviors during adolescence, but a new study shows that these problems persist into early adulthood, far longer than documented in any previous research....more»
January 01, 2018
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Support Systems & Kindness KIND IS THE NEW COOL

Each new year inevitably brings some new goals along with it. Lots of people make resolutions, and some put deadlines to meet new goals....more»
January 01, 2018

Play Time! Are your children getting enough exercise?

When children are preschoolers, parents often wonder how they have so much energy—the kids always seem to be running around....more»
January 01, 2018

Victims of Bullying More Likely to Turn to Weapons

One in five teens reported being the victims of bullying over the past year and a new study "Weapon-Carrying among Victims of Bullying," found that these victims were overall twice as likely to carry a weapon such as a gun or knife to school and additional risk factors—fighting at school, being threatened/injured at school, and/or skipping school out of fear for their safety—made it incrementally more likely that teens will bring weapons to school....more»
December 01, 2017

All I Want for Christmas is…two front teeth!

All Bella Bozeman wants for Christmas is for Santa to bring her two front teeth! But in the meantime, she’ll settle for a visit from the Tooth Fairy....more»
December 01, 2017

Kids Who Play Multiple Sports Are More Likely to Remain Active

Recent research from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that specializing in a single sport during childhood, compared with sampling a variety of recreational youth sports, may decrease the odds a child will still participate in athletic activities during adolescence....more»
November 01, 2017

Engineer It, Girl!

Engineer It, Girl! will be held on Saturday, November 18 from 9 a.m. 11 a.m. at California State University Bakersfield....more»
November 01, 2017

Children Who Sleep Less at Higher Risk of Diabetes

Children who slept on average one hour less a night had higher risk factors for Type 2 diabetes, including higher levels of blood glucose and insulin resistance, according to a new study....more»
November 01, 2017

Penicillin "Allergy" not Always an Actual Allergy

Penicillin is the most commonly reported medication allergy in pediatric emergency departments, affecting how often doctors prescribe the effective and inexpensive first-line antibiotic....more»
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