Motor City Mem Day 2018 Leader
May 01, 2018

Stuff You'll Love- May 2018

For your Bookworms
OwlCrate Jr (starting at $27.99, ...more»
March 01, 2018

6 Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with Kids

Each holiday brings the opportunity to participate in unique celebrations with your kids, and Saint Patrick’s Day has no shortage of fun festivities....more»
February 01, 2018

Not even "YouTube Kids" is Always Safe

In early November, The New York Times reported a mother who found her 3-year-old watching a video titled "PAW Patrol Babies Pretend to Die Suicide by Annabelle Hypnotized" on the YouTube Kids app....more»
January 01, 2018

Play Time! Are your children getting enough exercise?

When children are preschoolers, parents often wonder how they have so much energy—the kids always seem to be running around....more»
November 01, 2017

Use Caution When Sliding

So often, when a little one is afraid to take that first trip down a slide, our first inclination is to put the child on our lap and enjoy the ride....more»
October 01, 2017

Unmasking Real-Life Heroes

It’s that time of year when children and parents head to the store in search of the perfect disguise for a night of trick-or-treating or a Halloween party....more»
August 01, 2017

School Start Dates around Kern County

School is around the corner and Kern County Family Magazine is here to help families with resources about school, including this handy list of when schools are starting in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. ...more»
August 01, 2017

Chalk Festival Coming Soon

Tehachapi’s Chalk on the Walk festival will be held on Saturday, Aug. 12, from 7:30 a....more»
July 01, 2017

Vaccine Fear Leads to Expensive and Dangerous Measles Outbreaks

Measles is a very serious infectious virus that spreads rapidly. Measles can be deadly and often results in hospitalization....more»
July 01, 2017

Education News

285+ Suggestions for Summer Reading

Do your kids love to read or be read to? Or is it a struggle to get them to sit down with a book? Either way, there is a book for that!
    Tom Torlakson, state superintendent of public instruction, recently unveiled an additional 285 award-wining titles to the "Recommended Literature: Prekindergarten Through Grade Twelve" list.
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Motor City Mem Day 2018 Leader
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