Motor City Mem Day 2018 Leader
May 01, 2018

Stuff You'll Love- May 2018

For your Bookworms
OwlCrate Jr (starting at $27.99, ...more»
May 01, 2018

How to Prevent Curious Kids from Accessing Poisonous Substances

Poisonous substances can be deadly. Many substances found in a typical home can be characterized as poisonous....more»
March 01, 2018

Make Time For Play

How playtime boosts learning for toddlers and preschoolers

When Meag Diamond of Tacoma began touring potential preschools for her toddler son, Keats, she saw a number of beautifully laid-out spaces filled with immaculate worktables, inviting book nooks and inspiring art stations....more»
March 01, 2018

"Go Further with Food" During National Nutrition Month

The theme of this year’s National Nutrition Month, which is celebrated annually in March, is “Go Further with Food,” which has a double meaning....more»
January 01, 2018

Play Time! Are your children getting enough exercise?

When children are preschoolers, parents often wonder how they have so much energy—the kids always seem to be running around....more»
January 01, 2018

Be Careful With Those Cords

Window blinds have been a known child safety hazard for more than 70 years, but despite existing voluntary safety standards and prior recalls, a recent study found that window blind cords continue to pose serious strangulation risk to young children....more»
December 01, 2017

All I Want for Christmas is…two front teeth!

All Bella Bozeman wants for Christmas is for Santa to bring her two front teeth! But in the meantime, she’ll settle for a visit from the Tooth Fairy....more»
November 01, 2017

Children Who Sleep Less at Higher Risk of Diabetes

Children who slept on average one hour less a night had higher risk factors for Type 2 diabetes, including higher levels of blood glucose and insulin resistance, according to a new study....more»
November 01, 2017

Penicillin "Allergy" not Always an Actual Allergy

Penicillin is the most commonly reported medication allergy in pediatric emergency departments, affecting how often doctors prescribe the effective and inexpensive first-line antibiotic....more»
October 01, 2017

Dr. Kirk: Conscious Parenting

Mother stomps into the house, fretting over how much she recently paid for medicine at Costco....more»
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