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March 01, 2019

Why To Sign Up For Music Lessons Along With Your Child

An essential part of being the best parent for your child is taking part in activities with them....more»
January 01, 2019

When Your Child Fears Public Speaking

How Parents Can Help

Some kids think standing up in front of the class is a cinch. However, for many others, speaking in front of a room full of peers is worse than getting a tooth pulled without Novocaine....more»
January 01, 2019

Always Keep Going: Local Powerhouse Coco Chapman

At Coco Chapman’s very first ice skating competition, she fumbled. She began dancing before her music turned on, and she didn’t catch the mistake until she heard the soundtrack kick in.
January 01, 2019

Cellisimo Cello Performance

Cellisimo brings together masters of the cello, dynamic soloists Ruslan Biryukov and Anne Suda, to perform on Sunday, January 27, at the Harvey Auditorium, at 2:30 p....more»
January 01, 2019

Women's Empowerment Lunch

Christy Porter, founder of Jasmine Nyree Center, kicks off her first “Christy Porter and Friends” Empowerment Luncheon (CPEL) on January 12, at The Women’s Club of Bakersfield, 2030 18th Street, from 9 a....more»
January 01, 2019

KCFM's 2019 Private Education & Enrichment Guide

Look no further for our 2019 Private Education and Enrichment Guide! ...more»
January 01, 2019

Aera Energy Donates $280,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County

Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County will receive a new roof and rooftop solar panels for the Armstrong Youth Center, thanks to a recent donation of $280,000 from Aera Energy....more»
December 01, 2018

'Tis the Season: Give Your Time- Volunteer!

If you are looking for volunteering opportunities this Holiday Season, you can find all kinds of ways to serve locally by contacting the Volunteer Center of Kern County, which is the central hub for more than 3500 non-profit agencies within Kern County and responds to requests from the agencies for volunteers on a daily basis....more»
November 01, 2018

STEM for Kids: Activities to Try at Home

Do your children have an interest in figuring out how things work? Do they enjoy experimenting with their surroundings? You may have a budding engineer, astronaut, mathematician or scientist on your hands....more»
November 01, 2018

Pint-Sized Pursuits: Enrichment Activities for the Preschool Crowd

Providing extra-curricular activities for your preschooler can encourage their natural curiosity and love of learning....more»
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