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July 01, 2017

Let Summer Camp be the Start of Something great!

Choosing a summer camp for your child can be tricky. You want to find something that he will enjoy and maybe learn a thing or two from....more»
July 01, 2017

Students learn and have a blast at Chevron STEM summer camp

If your idea of summer camp includes a bunkhouse, sweaty outdoor activities and poison ivy, think again. Many of today's camps include things you only wish you could've done as a summer camper. Take, for instance, a camp where your eyes are focused behind microscope lenses, rather than sunglass lenses. A camp where you learn to lift fingerprints and run blood types....more»
June 01, 2017

The Best Form of Play is Being in a Play!

There is a reason theatrical productions are referred to as "plays." Surely, it is because in addition to being hard work, theater can also be a great form of play. Even one small moment in the limelight can serve to permanently fire the imagination and creative spirit of a child....more»
May 01, 2017

Special Needs and Camp? You Bet!

Sending your child to summer camp can be stressful, whether you’ve chosen a day camp or a residential camp....more»
May 01, 2017

Family Camp: This Summer, Don't Just Send Your Kids to Camp, Tag Along

When making your summer plans and coordinating camp options for the kids, broaden your thinking and consider family camp....more»
May 01, 2017

Cook Up FUN!

Sleep Away Camp is Great for Kids

From whitewater rafting to performing arts and cooking, today’s sleep-away camps appeal to a wide range of interests while still providing the long-term benefits summer Camp is known for....more»
April 01, 2017

Summer Camp 101: Making the Most of Summer

Summer camp offers fun and character-building experiences for kids of any age. Whether you're looking for a few hours of entertainment or weeks of skill-building for your child, you can find it at camp....more»
April 01, 2017

Kern County Family Magazine's Annual Summer Camp & Adventure Fair 2017

Save the Date: April 20, 2017!

Do you know what your child is doing this summer? Have you even thought about what type of camp or summer activity to have your child enrolled in? All these questions can be answered by attending Kern County Family Magazine's Summer Camp & Adventure Fair, where forty directors can answer questions and sign up for various camps....more»
April 01, 2017

Meet the Summer Camp Directors of 2017!

Ready to find YOUR children the perfect summer activities? Look no further-Kern County Family's 2017 Summer Camp and Adventure Director guide is here. Read about some of our favorites below, then contact the directors to learn more!...more»
March 01, 2017

How to Prepare Happy Campers for a Magical Summer

Summer camp is a time-honored tradition, rich with activities, newfound friendships and a lifetime of memories....more»
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