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July 01, 2018

Tips for Safe Summer Travel with Pets

With warmer weather, people often spend more time on summer trips with family. These trips can be more enjoyable when your four-legged friends tag along, but it can be less of a vacation if your pets are uncomfortable on the road....more»
May 01, 2018

9th Annual H.A.L.T. Spay it Forward Fun Run

Join local non-profit Helping Animals Live Tomorrow for its 9th Annual Spay It Forward Fun Run 5/10 K on Saturday, June 2 at Yokuts park from 5:30 to 10 a....more»
October 01, 2017

Calling All Pet Lovers

The Kern County Pet Fair will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Kern County Fairgrounds, 1142 South P St....more»
October 01, 2017

Kern 11-Year Old Publishes Book

Local 11-year-old Zane Thygerson loved his black standard poodle, Max, and knew he was from a well-loved breed....more»
October 01, 2017

Create a Great Howl-O-Ween for Your Pets

Halloween is a great opportunity to include the whole family in festivities, including your pet. According to a recent PetSmart survey, 17 percent of pet parents plan to dress up their pets this year....more»
August 01, 2017

Kids Need a Little Dirt for their Health

Research shows that some germs found inside are actually good for your kids. YES! This is a win for parents who don’t like to spend all of their time cleaning....more»
July 01, 2017

Want healthier kids? Get a pet!

If youngsters have been eyeing fuzzy kittens or boisterous puppies at nearby shelters or pet stores, parents may want to give in to those cries for a family pet. Pets are added responsibilities, but the health benefits associated with pet ownership may be well worth the investment of time and effort. ...more»
July 01, 2017

Water Safety Tips for Dogs

Dogs have solidified their places in many families. Nowadays, more and more dogs accompany their pet parents on trips to the store, vacations and various recreational pursuits including trips to the beach or the backyard pool. ...more»
July 01, 2017

Don't Feed THAT to Your Pet

7 Human Foods to Not Feed Your Pet

Nutritious diets are essential to long-term pet health. Many well-intentioned pet owners feed their pets foods they believe are nutritious, only to learn that certain foods, even those deemed healthy for humans, can be quite dangerous to dogs and cats. Cats and dogs metabolize foods and other substances differently from humans....more»
July 01, 2017

4 Tips for Introducing a New Pet to the Family

Many people are excited by the prospect of introducing a new pet into their homes. In the midst of such excitement, it can be easy to overlook the potential feelings existing pets may have about sharing their homes with new animals. ...more»
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