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Different ways to wear a Baseball Hat
March 29, 2010 | 06:20 PM

After a recent ball game, our 9 year old grandson wanted to wear his hat sideways. His Dad said he had to either wear it frontwards or backwards but not sideways. He cried and took off the hat. Without even a thought, I asked "Why" I was told "Because I said so." Another coach was asked how his son had to wear his hat and he also said "Just because he said so" I just could not understand! I have always wanted to explain to a child the "Why" because I remember that I always wanted to know why. Was I wrong to ask? Was I wrong to want to give my crying Grandson an anwser? I was spoke to terrible by my grown son and humilated because I asked. I was told that I was causing my grandson to not do as he was told to do without asking any questions. Is that the correct way to teach a child? I am very confused. I can remember asking a grownup over and over until I understood. Is that a proper way to teach a child? JUST BECAUSE I SAID SO!!

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