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According to the United States Census Bureau (USCB), "Mr. Mom" is more than just a movie starring Michael Keaton, it is a reflection of growing societal trends....more»

Father's Day Gifts: Kid's Style

Father's Day is a time for sons and daughters to recognize the men in their lives. Those who run alongside bicycles while their children are learning to ride, who rescue kids from Mom-imposed grounding, and who feel trips to the ice cream shop should be a weekly ritual. When it comes to offering Dad gifts in honor of his special day, younger children will likely find that handmade gifts from the heart are ones Dad cherishes the most. Here are a number of heartfelt, crafty ideas that children can put together for Father's Day....more»

Give Your Puppy the Presidential Treatment

Expert advice for First Puppy Bo and your puppy, too!

The Obamas have a new family member named Bo. They, along with many other new-dog families, will find out quickly that the first year with a new dog can be challenging....more»

Steer Clear of Heat-Related Illnesses this Summer

As summer gets set to hit full swing, scores of people across the country are readying themselves for backyard barbecues, trips to the beach or casual afternoons spent soaking up some sun....more»
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