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Getting "Spooky in the Hood!"

Be the first on the block to "boo" your neighbor this October!

Nothing says "Happy Halloween" better than a festive "Boo Basket" filled with a special "spooky" craft you and the kids have made along with a few Halloween goodies and toys. And, it's so easy and fun to get a "boo" chain going in your 'hood. Here's how:...more»

Trick and Treats with Halloween Sweets

The bewitching season is here! Gather the goblins, conjure up some creative costumes and prepare scary, scrumptious sweets for a great ghostly gathering....more»

Yummy Mummy Madness!

Betty Crocker cookie mix base, which makes the baking process quick and allows more time for decorating with mummy wrappings and frightening eyes....more»
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