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12 Ways to Give Kids an Academic Edge

Most parents understand the importance of a good education.  They even spend countless hours arranging for their children to have successful educational opportunities....more»

Annual 2013 Private School Survey

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Educational Resources

Yellow House Music Together
1905 17th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661)  979-0157
How Does Music Learning Support All Learning? Wiggling, singing, and laughing with your child is so much fun—it’s easy to forget how much learning is taking place! Our research-based curriculum develops basic music skills such as singing in tune and moving with accurate rhythm.

Party Guide 2013

Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield
Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield is a mobile combat laser tag adventure.

Party Planning Tips

Check out these websites for more tips on how to throw successful indoor parties:


Party on Ice:

How to Throw a COOL Indoor Party

This time of year as Kern County’s skies turn dark and foggy, put some sunshine in your next celebration by planning an indoor party....more»
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