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The Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported that young people ages 8-18 spend a daily average of 7 hours and 38 minutes consuming media - TV, music, computer, video games, movies, and print (not including texting and talking on cell phones)....more»

Lazy Meals for Freezer

Make a few of these in advance and freeze them for a nice, lazy evening when all you have to do is pop the pan in the oven and turn it on....more»

Too Much Weight Can Delay Baby's Ability to Get a Move On

Those cute little rolls of fat some infants have may actually slow their ability to crawl and walk, according to a new study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill....more»

Need a Baby Shower Gift Idea?

Give a gift certificate for a photo book from, or snapfish....more»

Hassle-Free Snack Time

Make snacking hassle-free (almost) during your next car trip. Instead of packing the kids' beverages and snacks separately, grab the Snack Time 2-in-1 container....more»

So many choices. What Organic produce should you buy for your family?

The nonprofit, Environmental Working Group has tagged a list of twelve fruits and vegetables it says are the "worst" (containing the most harmful chemical residues)and fifteen it says are the "best" with the recommendation to buy organic when buying the "worst....more»

Good Parenting Triumphs Over Prenatal Stress

A mother's nurture may provide powerful protection against risks that her baby faces in the womb, according to an article recently published online in the journal Biological Psychiatry....more»

Pregnancy A to Z

Most pregnant women — especially first-time moms-to-be — have a lot of questions about their own changing bodies and questions about their baby's development in the womb....more»

Colic Relief for Baby - AND You!

If Your Newborn's Colic Makes You Want to Scream, Try These Five Calming Techniques....more»
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