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Healthy Ways to Help Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

With Breast Cancer Awareness month approaching, it is important to shine a light on breast health for women....more»


Each year, Mother's Day in the United States helps shed light on the problem of breast cancer. Heightened efforts at raising awareness of breast cancer around Mother's Day include the cooperation of many corporations including Major League Baseball, whose players use pink bats in a show of support for breast cancer victims and survivors. But, breast cancer is an issue that extends beyond the month of May, and many people might be surprised to learn of breast cancer's prevalence. In the United States alone, breast cancer incidence in women is 1 in 8, or roughly 13 percent. In fact, among women in the U.S., breast cancer rates are higher than those of any cancer besides lung cancer. With such staggering figures, it's important for both women and men (who can also suffer from breast cancer) to gain a greater understanding of this deadly disease....more»

Protect your Baby from Whooping Cough

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