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Sugar, food additives not a cause of ADHD
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The number of children getting treatment for ADHD has risen, although it's not clear whether more children ...
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Make the Dentist a Fun Experience for Kids
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Considering Private School? From Pre-School to High School, Kern County has amazing private education ...
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Adequate Sleep, Limited Screen Time Can Decrease Impulsivity
Sep 01 2019
Kids who sleep more and stare at a screen less may be less impulsive, according to a recent study....
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Teachersí Top Needs for 2019
Aug 01 2019
(Family Features)Great classrooms donít happen by accident. Teachers across the country work hard to ...
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KCFM's 2019 Back to School Guide
Aug 01 2019
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Ease Kids Back into School with Confidence
Aug 01 2019
There's nothing like a major milestone in a child's life to test a parent's confidence....
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Humor@Home: Back to School Jitters
Aug 01 2019
We thought we were prepared for the first day of school. We had all the supplies: backpack, lunch box, ...
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Products we LOVE- April 2019
Apr 01 2019
Pursuit Pro Made with soft, flexible material and featuring seven convenient pockets large enough ...
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