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Back to School Stuff We Love
Aug 01 2021
The newest cool stuff for back to school! BriteBrush Elmo Create healthy back-to-school ...
Back to School Resources
Aug 01 2021
Still undecided as to where to send your kids for in-person or online learning this school year? For ...
Reduce First Day Jitters
Aug 01 2021
As kids pack up their new backpacks, sharpen their pencils, and try on their new fall clothes, most ...
Child’s Play: Five Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Kern County Preschool
Jul 01 2021
Although fall may still feel far off, planning for the 2021-2022 school is well underway. Spring enrollment ...
Summer Camp
KCFM'S 2021 Summer Camp Guide
May 01 2021
After a very long, very strange school year, Summer Camp is HAPPENING! Check out some our favorite ...
Vital Signs
The effects of noise on children
May 01 2021
Hearing is easy to take for granted. Many people are born and grow up without ever experiencing compromised ...
Vital Signs
9 signs your young child is having vision problems
May 01 2021
As many a parent can attest, decoding a youngster's needs can be challenging when that child is not ...
Refrigerator Door
Book Nook Tips: How to Create a Fun Environment for At-Home Readers
Mar 01 2021
  From Zulily Book Expert Kat Leonard Kirchhofer Keep it cozy:  You ...
Humor at Home
Humor@Home: This is the Best Age
Mar 01 2021
My kids are in the living room acting out “The Phantom of the Opera” right now....
Special Feature
Helping Kids Make Friends at Any Age
Feb 01 2021
From the time we enter the world, we search for other people to connect with. We are social beings and ...
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Kern Family Health 25 yrs
Kern Family Health banner 25 yrs
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