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Organization Made Easier: Tackle Kids’ Clothing With Swoondle!
Nov 01 2020
Simplify your clothes closet sort-out routine with The Swoondle Society. “Swoondle” what ...
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Build Heart-Healthy Behaviors for Preschoolers at Home
Sep 01 2021
(Family Features) A pressing concern like a global pandemic can quickly overshadow other important ...
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Track Your Childs Symptoms with Kidsdoc APP
Oct 01 2020
 These days, we’re more attuned to our little ones’ every sniffle, cough and ache....
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Picky Eating: When to Worry, What to Know
Jul 01 2020
Speech language pathologist Lori Caplan-Colon is a national leader on not only the issues her followers ...
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Playing With Other Children Affects Toddlers’ Language
Nov 01 2019
 Toddlers are surprisingly good at processing the speech of other young children, according to ...
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The ABCs of Clean
Aug 01 2019
Every day, kids touch hundreds of surfaces after they leave the house. From the school bus stair handle ...
Humor at Home
Humore@Home: An Ode to Sleep
Jul 01 2019
To My Darling Children: I love you. Do you know what else I love? Sleep....
Vital Signs
Chickenpox Vaccine Lowers Rates of Shingles in Children
Jul 01 2019
Children who were vaccinated against varicella had a 78 percent lower incidence of herpes zoster (shingles) ...
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Products You'll Love- June
Jun 01 2019
Check out these National Parenting Product Award Winning, KCFM-approved products you'll love this June!  ...
New Bakersfield Eye Doctor Gives Insight to Screen Time
Jun 01 2019
Parents may have 99 problems when it comes to managing screen time for their children, but worrying ...
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INGREDIENTS 2 cups halved California grapes 1 1/3 cups lemonade DIRECTIONS Fill eight 3-ounce ice-pop ...
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