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Hope Springs Eternal: Things to look forward to as the seasons change
Mar 01 2021
Winter will soon turn to spring, with the official arrival of that much-anticipated change of season ...
Summer Camp
How to Prepare Your Campers for a Magical Summer
Apr 01 2020
Summer camp is a time-honored tradition, rich with activities, newfound friendships and a lifetime ...
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Hometown Pride: New Sign Welcomes Visitors to Bakersfield
Jan 01 2020
The Bakersfield Convention & Visitor Bureau announced a new “Visit Bakersfield”-themed ...
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How to approach nutrition when feeding children away from home
Jan 01 2020
Children can be picky eaters. Parents know that getting kids to eat anything, much less healthy foods, ...
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Holiday Air Travel Tips for Families
Dec 01 2019
Traveling with children can be a delight and a challenge, so preparation is key....
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CALM’s California Coast Room’s Second Phase Opens
Oct 01 2018
CALM’s California Coast Room’s second phase recently opened featuring two new aquariums....
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Eight Holiday Travel Tips For Families
Dec 01 2017
The holiday season is rife with tradition, and traveling to visit family and friends is a tradition ...
Spooky, Scary Family Fun
Oct 01 2017
Check out local Halloween Happenings that Kern County Family Magazine has gathered for parents and children ...
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Budget-Friendly Family Vacation Tips
May 01 2016
Family vacations provide wonderful opportunities for families to bond and make lasting memories....
Kern Family Health 25 yrs
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