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Refrigerator Door
Create Quality School Day Meals with Simple Shortcuts
Oct 01 2020
       (Family Features) The seemingly constant rush of hectic school days ...
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Build Heart-Healthy Behaviors for Preschoolers at Home
Sep 01 2021
(Family Features) A pressing concern like a global pandemic can quickly overshadow other important ...
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Hello Happy Mama: What's Your Headline?
Oct 01 2020
Hello Mama!   How are you doing during these crazy Covid days? When I’m asked that question, ...
Refrigerator Door
Take a Trip to the Moon With the Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest
Oct 01 2020
Take remote learning a little further – as in 250,000 miles further. NASA collaborated with Future ...
Humor at Home
Humor@Home: Dealing with Nightmares:
Oct 01 2020
I am used to being awakened in the night. My kids are 10 and 7. They’ve been waking me up for ...
Vital Signs
October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
Oct 01 2020
 Despite the best efforts of educators and parents, bullying is a problem at many schools....
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An Outside-the-Box, DIY Halloween Celebration Costume
Sep 01 2020
An Outside-the-Box, DIY Halloween Costume Combination (Family Features) Even though Halloween ...
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Kid-Friendly Recipes for At-Home Learning
Sep 01 2020
  (Family Features) During a school year that ’ s sure to be a new experience ...
Humor at Home
Humor@Home: Bedtime Stall Tactics
Sep 01 2020
Why is it that my children don’t seem to need a snack or a drink of water or to use the bathroom ...
Dear Reader
Dear Reader: Happy Autumn!
Sep 01 2020
Recently, I was watching an interview with one of my favorite actresses, Reese Witherspoon, and when ...
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Championing Our Cause: Wajeha Chaudhry, Local Educator
Loudon Elementaryís Wajeha Chaudhry, best known as a beloved third grade teacher and star of the YouTube ...
COVID-19: A Guide for Parents in Kern County
Dear Readers, Our staff at Kern County Family Magazine is made up of families like yours. We share ...
Flu and RSV Season: Local Statistics + Five Tips to Avoid Getting Sick
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that peak flu season typically takes place ...
Saying Goodbye
Iíve read that humor is one of the healthiest and most powerful methods to help provide perspective ...
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