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Sunnier Days and the Comforts of Home: What's Working for our Readers
Apr 01 2020
At Kern County Family Magazine, we seek out the sunshine.  This year has already been unusual, ...
Humor at Home
Humor@Home: Transitions Are So Hard
Apr 01 2020
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Products we Love: April
Apr 01 2020
KeckSTAR Hoodie by Treehouse Kidswear Ultra-soft and super cozy hoodies that are uniquely designed ...
Refrigerator Door
Local Therapist Writes Childrenís Book
Apr 01 2020
A local therapist, Dr. David Forden, recently published his book on kindness and sharing called Winning ...
Vital Signs
8 Reader-Suggested Indoor Activities
Apr 01 2020
Indoor activities may be on your mind right now as a parent, with time away from school....
Vital Signs
No Gym Equipment Required
Apr 01 2020
 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list exercise as one of the top ways to ...
Dear Reader
Dear Reader: Hoppy Spring!
Apr 01 2020
A longstanding proverb states, “A good neighbor increases the value of your property....
Easy Ways to Engage with Kids During the COVID-19 School Break
Apr 01 2020
Loudon Elementary’s Wajeha Chaudhry, best known as a beloved third grade teacher and star of ...
11 Ways to Play Indoors for Hands-On, Minds-On Fun
Apr 01 2020
Whether you’re looking for alternative activities this spring or just ways to change up your ...
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COVID-19 and the New Normal: Advice for Local Parents, From Local Parents
Mar 01 2020
At Kern County Family Magazine, we know this is a sensitive time for families. We recently asked parents ...
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Championing Our Cause: Wajeha Chaudhry, Local Educator
Loudon Elementaryís Wajeha Chaudhry, best known as a beloved third grade teacher and star of the YouTube ...
COVID-19: A Guide for Parents in Kern County
Dear Readers, Our staff at Kern County Family Magazine is made up of families like yours. We share ...
Flu and RSV Season: Local Statistics + Five Tips to Avoid Getting Sick
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that peak flu season typically takes place ...
Saying Goodbye
Iíve read that humor is one of the healthiest and most powerful methods to help provide perspective ...
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