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You Can Do It
Kindness to the Earth: Kind is the New Cool
Apr 01 2018
Brought to you by Dignity Health April 22nd is Earth Day this year! There are many ways to celebrate ...
Family Activities to Make Pandemic Life Better, Together or Apart
Mar 30 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many aspects of family life throughout the past year....
Humor at Home
Humor@Home: A Letter to My Former Self
Apr 01 2021
Dear Self Before Children, You think you have all the answers right now. You are so sure that your ...
Hello, Happy Mama: Family Life with an Autistic Child
Apr 01 2021
Local parents Scott and Brittany Ryan are business owners, parents of five, and part of the autism community ...
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New Stuff We Love, April 2021
Apr 01 2021
Refrigerator Door
Fridge Door: CDC Recommendations, Free Burgers, and more!
Apr 01 2021
CDC Revises Physical Distancing Recommendation for Children in School The U....
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11 Ways to Reintroduce Creative Play This Month
Apr 01 2021
As the seasons change, now is the perfect time to go back to basics with hands-on activities whether ...
Vital Signs
CDC: Teens Donít Eat Enough Veggies
Apr 01 2021
Bummer news about American teenagers’ diets. New data from the Centers for Disease Control & ...
Vital Signs
Benefits of Pet Ownership for Kids with Special Needs
Apr 01 2021
Pet ownership can bring joy and happiness to any home. For children with special needs, particularly ...
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Championing Our Cause: Wajeha Chaudhry, Local Educator
Loudon Elementaryís Wajeha Chaudhry, best known as a beloved third grade teacher and star of the YouTube ...
COVID-19: A Guide for Parents in Kern County
Dear Readers, Our staff at Kern County Family Magazine is made up of families like yours. We share ...
Flu and RSV Season: Local Statistics + Five Tips to Avoid Getting Sick
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that peak flu season typically takes place ...
Saying Goodbye
Iíve read that humor is one of the healthiest and most powerful methods to help provide perspective ...
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